Quilting Project

So, while I have been working on getting my room/craft room organized I have been having a difficult time finding a new duvet cover for my bed that will tie in the turquoise hues and the geometric patterns I have throughout the space.


I found this gorgeous bedding and bed frame online…can’t remember the name at the moment…but the coverlet alone was $400.  WAY over my budget.  But it gave me some great ideas of how I want my bed to look: a solid bed frame (possibly upholstered), a solid coverlet (I can use my existing one) and a patterned quilt or duvet to throw over the end of the bed in the same colors as the rest of my room.

IMG_1780I wasn’t able to find a premade duvet cover to fit by needs so I thought I might try making my own.  Amazingly when I was just about to give up my quest of the perfect colors of blue and green I stumbled upon this great collection of fabric at the craft store.  Not only do the colors work for my room, but there are little owls on one of the fabrics to coordinate with the ceramic owls on my craft shelf.

Ucreate Easy Strip Block quiltAfter I found my fabric I had to find a pattern that was modern, hip and simple to put together.  I’ve only attempted one quilt before and lets just say I didn’t have the best of luck.  I done have the patience to make sure all my corners are perfectly square and lined up exactly.  I’m a “looks close enough” type of creator.  It’s probably not the best habit to have when quilting but we’ll see what happens.  I did find this great quilt tutorial from Diary of a Quilter http://www.diaryofaquilter.com/2011/06/simple-stripes-quilt-tutorial.html.  I think the best tip she had was to select different variations of colors and patterns so your quilt doesn’t end up look too flat.

I’m currently about 1/4 of the way done with the my quilt top.  Its looking really great.  I do have some crooked pieces already but hey, at least it “looks close enough!”

I’ll be sure to post more photos as my quilting progresses.


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