DIY Tribal Succulent Container


Today I took advantage of the little bit of sunshine we had and potted up some succulent & cactus friends for my cute little ceramic sugar skull my friend B, brought back from a recent trip to Forth Worth, TX.

This was a very simple project that took me less than 10 minutes to put together and only cost about $12 for two finished potted plants.


cactus 1


  • Your choice of succulents/cactus- I used a Jade plant and a Balloon cactus ($4 each)
  • 1 small bag of colored aquarium gravel ($2 at Walmart)
  • 2 small water glasses from Goodwill ($1 each)
  • Cactus or general potting soil

Before you start potting, check to see if your plants have been watered recently.  If they look  dry give them a quick watering.  They will be much happier transplanted if they are moist.  I watered mine the day before while I was watering my other houseplants, but watering about an hour before planting works too.

cactus 2

The next prep work I did was wash off my gravel.  Rinsing before you plant will wash off any powdery residue and keep your jars from getting murky when you water your plants.

cactus 3After I washed off the gravel, I filled each jar a little less than 1/2 full with rocks.  (I had my supervisor approve of how much gravel I added before adding soil).

Then I filled my jars with a tiny bit of soil.  I recommend using cactus mix because it is lighter and closer to what they prefer in nature.  Or if you don’t want to buy a $5 bag of soil you will never use again you can use regular potting soil.  I had some leftover from planting some plants in the yard.  Sometimes if you ask really nicely at your local garden center they will give you a small amount for free if you explain you only need a small handful for your plants.

If your plants don’t quite fit in your containers, go ahead and break apart the soil attached to the roots of your plants.  This is actually good for them and helps them spread out their roots in their new homes.  I also  recommend using leather gloves while transplanting the cactus to save you from some needles puncturing your skin.

Fill the area around your plants with some more soil to keep them in place.  Also keep a little bit of room up at the top of the jar so the water doesn’t run right out when you water.  Water only when the soil gets dry and enjoy!

cactus 4


****Cactus and succlulents like bright light but not direct sunlight…they also get sun burnt.  Keep them in a bright and sunny room and they will love you!****





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