We’ve Moved!

Jumping for joy

After a long….long…hiatus from the blogging world I have returned with great new projects to share!  I took some time away from blogging to gain some well needed balance in my life.  The last few years have brought many changes and I am happy to say have turned out for good of our family.  Most recent of these life changes is a new address!

We only moved about 10 blocks down from our old house but it feels like a completely new town.  After 6 wonderful years in our first place together, Oz and I have upgraded into a 3 bedroom house with a garage and carport.  I finally feel like a grown up!  I loved our first home but we definitely outgrew it several years ago.  It is wonderful having more space for all our furniture and living in a quiet neighborhood away from the campus late night noise it a big step up for us.

We still rent but this house had a great layout and lots of character I love in older houses.  We’ve been here about two months now. During those months I worked many late nights finishing many projects to make this house feel like home.  I still have plenty of projects to keep me busy for the rest of the year but I’m ready to take a break and enjoy summer!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy all the new projects that will be appearing on my blog very soon!



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