New Sofa Day!


Happy President’s Day!

It’s been a year since I ordered my new sofa from Apt2B and I still LOVE this sofa! .  It’s the Logan sofa by designer Kyle Schuneman.

I think it the first brand new, never been used piece of furniture I have in the entire house that I didn’t make myself.  I bought this sofa when we were still in our old place.  I had been looking for a new sofa for months, maybe even a full year and didn’t find anything I loved or even really liked until I found this one.  Not only do I love the way it looks but it is also made in the USA (California) and since I bought it during last year’s President’s Day sale I got 10% off and free delivery all the way to Oregon!


Before we moved I insisted none of us sit on the sofa because I wanted it to still have that brand new feeling when we moved.  We gave ourselves just 5 minutes to sit on the sofa and enjoy the newness of it before we had to get off.  After our 5 minutes we waited until we moved in May to sit on it again.  I know Charlotte snuck in several “5 minutes” through the two months before we moved. Little stinker.


Our sofa is mainly used as Charlotte’s neighborhood watch post.  She takes her job very seriously.


It’s second main use is her sun napping spot!


And of course we use it too, to like, study and stuff…

Anyways, I seriously recommend checking out Apt2B if you are looking for new furniture.  Its well made and really comfortable & stylish.  I love the way ours compliments the room.




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