Bringing our Trailer to Oregon


This is Mr. T.  Short for Mr. Trailer.  (I think my uncle came up with the nicknames).  It is a vintage 1964 Golden Gate trailer according to my mom.

***Side note- if anyone knows anything about this trailer brand/model I would love to know more.  I’ve been researching and haven’t found anything about this company.  I don’t even know if this is in fact a Golden Gate-that is just what I was told!

It’s been living at my mom’s house in Dayton, NV for a few years now.  It was part of an estate sale and they bought for their pawn shop but my grandma fell in love with it so it’s been used as yard art in the backyard.

My mom and Gary gave us the trailer because they found this great piece of property in Idaho and were moving in about a month and a half.  They didn’t want to take everything with them so they’ve been either selling or giving stuff away.  When my mom told me she was giving this to Oz and I as a present I was beyond excited.  I’ve always thought it would be fun to have a small camping trailer to take on adventures and use as a little guest house when friends come to visit.

By the time Oz and I figured out our schedules and who was going to go pick up the trailer we only had a week’s window of opportunity before he started class and would be unavailable until next spring.

So, in that short week before he left for Nevada we had LOTS to get done.  I honestly didn’t think we could accomplish as much as we did.  We had to:

  • purchase a hitch and wait for delivery
  • install the hitch
  • install the wiring
  • get the tires checked/replaced
  • find the title
  • apply for a temporary towing permit with the Nevada DMV


It was a stressful week and we had a lot of setbacks.  But we managed to get all the important things done by the time the trip came around.

Here we are at Gary’s Automotive in Corvallis, OR getting the hitch installed.

aBefore Mr. T was road ready he had his tires inspected and wheel bearings greased in Dayton, NV.

Once in Nevada, Oz still had to install wiring for the lights on both the 4Runner and the trailer.  We would have done this before his trip but the wiring pieces were either not the right ones or not in stock.  He picked up the correct wiring in Carson City and learned how to install them himself.

Oz, with the help of my cousin Jordan, had all the wiring and lights installed with a few hours of daylight to spare before he headed home the next morning at 4:30am.

Oz’s trip home was very uneventful and was back home by midafternoon. We celebrated his return with Mr. T with a mini bottle of champagne!

Now that Mr. T is safely parked in our driveway, it’s time to assess the extent of the leaks, rotting wood and other issues we are unaware of and figure out a plan of attack of how to get it in camping condition.


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