We’ve Moved!

After a long….long…hiatus from the blogging world I have returned with great new projects to share!  I took some time away from blogging to gain some well needed balance in my life.  The last few years have brought many changes and I am happy to say have turned out for good of our family.  Most […]

Quilting Progress

When the weather forecast was predicting rain all of last week I spent my days off finishing up the top layer of my quilt.  I chose a quilt pattern that was simple and didn’t take too long to cut and piece together.  This was key in choosing a quilt pattern since I am not the greatest […]

Covered Bridges of Oregon Tour

Did you know there are 50 covered bridges in Oregon?  Most of them can be found around the Willamette Valley and the coast.  This past fall Oz and I decided that we would make it our goal to visit all 50 covered bridges.  The idea started one day while I was still in real estate […]

Quilting Project

So, while I have been working on getting my room/craft room organized I have been having a difficult time finding a new duvet cover for my bed that will tie in the turquoise hues and the geometric patterns I have throughout the space. I found this gorgeous bedding and bed frame online…can’t remember the name […]